Discover the unknown Lithuania

Do you know such a country as Lithuania? Have you ever heard of such a country as a Lithuania? Or have you visited it already? 
If your answer was no to any of these questions – This is your chance! Come to us on the 8th of February and feel Lithuania right here in Kaposvár!


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 Here is some fun facts! about Lithuania

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Movie Club - Agora

Agora tells the story of Hypatia of Alexandria, philosopher and mathematics professor in Alexandria in the 4th century. Through her life, we can discover not just an exceptional woman and scientist; but also the uprising of a new religion, the Christianity, and the conflicts that its new moral will have with the stablished system.

In November 16th, day of tolerance, we want to remember a character who was both protagonist and spectator of social changes in a rather dark period of the History, the ending of the Roman Empire.

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Movie Club 16 November                            Agora

Halloween Night in Mother Shelter

The 25th of October a Compass team fulled of energy unpackaged all the matherials in Mother Shelter parking, ready for Halloween day. Kids went outside to wellcome us and few minutes later we start dancing, singing and playing with them. They didnt stop smiling during the whole afternoon, and so did us. We start the day transforming normal kids in superheros, cats, monsters, and everything we can make with the facepainting paints. Then we made out of some plastic bags and cartulines great withches costumes for everyone. Only using their imagination and few pieces of cartuline they created faboulus cute pumpkins and with eyes closed, and playing by teams, they also found the nose of the witch!, training their creativity and working together.we closed the day with some healthy and terrofying snacks and a family photo we will always keep.


Halloween Mother Shelter                              Halloween Mother Shelter 2

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